Cocoa bean: Properties and contraindications

He is considered one of the foods to include in the list of the sweetest temptations. The cocoa beans They are not just a whim, because it is interesting report found that health benefits. Of course, as with other foods, should not make excesses. What properties They hide behind cocoa beans ?, have contraindications? Let's look more carefully, how to enjoy this food in the most healthy possible.

The cocoa beans are extracted from the cocoa tree, originating from Venezuela. Have a characteristic elongated shape and containing dozens of seeds, similar to the almonds, the cocoa powder and cocoa butter are derived. What are the properties of cocoa beans?


Cocoa beans have many beneficial effects on our health. It is true that provide calories, but they are also rich in minerals Y vitamins. In addition, scientific studies have found that cocoa beans are particularly rich in antioxidants, polyphenols Y flavonoids, shields against the action of free radicals and premature aging and therefore against the development of some process related cell degeneration (such as cancer and arthritis) diseases. Flavonoids, for example, are also present in cocoa more than in green tea and red wine.

Among other properties, flavonoids help reduce bad cholesterol levels, like eating cocoa is an ally of the heart and cardiovascular system. In addition, as shown by various studies, eating chocolate favors production endorphins, improving mood and helping to overcome negative moods (cocoa beans therefore have an antidepressant effect). And more beneficial properties to consider. Thus, cocoa is an extraordinary source of energy to counteract the physical or mental stress, so it is recommended included in the diet of students and athletes.

As for his mineral content, cocoa contains magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. In short, cocoa has many beneficial properties, being a good ingredient to include sweet tasty recipes.


Despite the many benefits of cocoa, must be taken in the right quantities if they are to avoid possible side effects. Thus, for example, it is not recommended in cases of suffering hypertension and nervousness, because cocoa contains traces of caffeine which can worsen this situation. Finally, due to the presence of tannins, active ingredients with astringent properties, your intake is not recommended in cases of constipation Y hemorrhoids.

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