Colorings and dyes suitable for pregnant

Pregnancy is a radical change in the segregation of hormones, so that our whole body is constantly changing. Our hair, of course, is no exception and will also be affected, so some chemicals can affect much more than usual. If you are the women who loves dyed, do not miss the colorings and dyes suitable for pregnant. Do not get taken away the perfect see you!

The dye, is good during pregnancy?

This is the million dollar question, and we can find many specialists who have opposing views about whether it is good or not dye her hair. This dispute arises because formerly contained dyes formalin, a substance which was very harmful to the baby. Fortunately, this component was scrapped years ago.

But this has not ended the debate, but the changes will experience our hair throughout pregnancy is the center of the issue is that depending on the person can become brighter or, conversely, weaker. It is in the latter case where you have to be careful, as using a hair colorings with few defenses can irritate the scalp, so in this situation it is not recommended to use dyes. However, it is always important consult with the gynecologist so you can determine the most appropriate in our case and try to teñirnos not in the first three months, because conflicting finds most.

Eligibility to pregnant

Doctors say how dangerous dyes are toxic components that can be absorbed, so we have to look natural alternatives pigments prepared from. In fact, one of the best options is to use temporary dyes or vegetable that can give us a fresh air without being too pushy. These have a much more limited duration, but just that we ensure that we will not leach any substance that could affect the baby. The most often used henna, or even some natural remedies.

In addition, for the most daring women, we can find a fantastic range of fantasy colors as fanciful as blue, pink, violet, green, purple or red. Yes, these colors are reserved for blonde women or previously bleached hair, because on dark they do not offer the same result. Of course, it is not recommended at all discolor during pregnancy, so you should wait if it's not your case.

What if the gynecologist tells me not?

If you've already talked to your gynecologist has recommended you do not use any of the alternatives that you have shown, the best you can do is use foam, mousse or spray color. This will make your hair tones closely matches what you want, so it is a very viable option for that perfect luzcas until you have your child in your arms option

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