Sunglasses for long face: What trends favor you

Today we talk about how to choose the best sunglasses for girls long face, because sunglasses are a must among our must have summer and because if you follow these simple tips will give to the trends that suit you.

Sunglasses for girls long face

Recently we told how to choose sunglasses if your face is something square, then we gave to know which ones to choose if your face is round and now it's the turn of the sunglasses trend for girls with long face. Remember that this supplement is a perfect partner if you choose well.

If the shape of your face tends to be lengthened, what to look for is how to bridge the gap between the forehead and chin and for this you have the straight and large frames. These models are going to help balance the face at the same time give a touch of the most chic to your look. Want an example? Looks like Kim Kardashian looks.

Kim Kardashian wearing sunglasses.

Square sunglasses for elongated faces

You can also choose is more, you should opt for square sunglasses if your face is elongated, The goal, as always, is to seek balance so you must help of frames that are proportional to the size of your face. Square and big glasses are perfect for covering part of the face, especially if your nose tends to be a little big.

Another option are the ones with the saddle a little oval, like Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart wearing sunglasses.

The best dark colors

It is recommended to turn wear dark colors like black or tortoiseshell, why? Because between the large and opaque shade, attention will be directed to this point. Extra Tip: you know that retro style glasses are fashionable.

Square model black sun glasses.

Did not they go all the glasses so dark sunglasses? Luce with each frames in pastel colors like nude, you'll have a very interesting gloss on the skin.

Square model nude sun glasses.

Conclusion: the ideal frame sunglasses for girls with the long face is long and shorter height wide, large sizes yes, but not too big or small. Avoid they have forms that look on your face like pear type, which further accentuate the feeling of elongated face.

And you just have to stop by to make your favorite store with yours.

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