Purify the liver naturally food detox

Food is the key to cleanse the liver naturally and get healthy. Not to forget that this body plays a key role in metabolism. Through the liver pass all substances we ingest, including toxins.

For cleanse the liver with natural remedies it is essential to take care diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in water and fiber to debug. Practice detox helps you feel fitter, lighter, result of a proper functioning of the internal processes of the body. What to eat to purify the liver?

How to detoxify the liver with natural foods

In our pantry we will find a handful of allies cleanse the liver with healthy foods:

Fruit is an unquestionable detox food, and highlights including grapefruit, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. This fruit, especially if we take into juice increases the production of enzymes that determine liver detoxification. Grapefruit is credited to another property, that of being a good remedy in cases of loss of appetite, thanks to its content in essential oils.

Avocado to cleanse the liver

The avocado is a food rich in glutathione, able to counteract the effects of free radicals to benefit the health of the liver. This fruit is rich in vegetable fat and helps control cholesterol levels.

Artichoke to purify the liver

Thanks to its purifying and dietary effect, Artichoke is a great ally of liver health. Among other benefits, the smooth functioning of the gallbladder. Being rich in cinarina stimulates bile functional favoring proper digestion process. The artichoke is highly recommended as an adjunct in weight control diets.

whole grains to cleanse the liver

Whole grains are staples in the diet. Not only are a benchmark of healthy diet, but They help purify the liver. Improve bowel regularity, thanks to its high fiber content. To solve the problem of constipation, we will feel lighter and less burdened by toxins.

Lemon to detoxify the liver

Lemon juice stimulates the liver. Lemon is one of the tonics food par excellence. Its vitamin C contributes to transform toxic substances from the other compounds that can be easily absorbed, as water to be removed.

Broccoli and cauliflower for the liver

The -under calories- broccoli and cauliflower provide natural enzymes which have the function of help the liver to get rid of cancer-causing toxins, and thus reduce the risk of tumors. Broccoli, for its properties, is also a good ally against ulcerative colitis. Other benefits reporting is that it helps prevent anemia.

Asparagus to debug

Asparagus is rich in minerals and amino acids. An excellent ally to protect the liver, especially when it has been exposed to excessive alcohol consumption. Its healing properties also benefit the heart and nervous system.

Olive oil to cleanse the liver

Olive oil is extra virgin gold for our body, an excellent protection against the harmful action of toxins in the liver.

green tea to cleanse the liver

Drinking green tea is a healthy choice. In addition to helping remove fat, tea activates metabolism and liver activity, favoring a faster production of the enzymes involved in the process of purification and cleansing. Try the matcha tea, new detox drink.

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Do you take care of your liver right? [TEST]

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To prevent fatty liver, what should you do?

Consume fewer animal fats

reducing calories

Drink a lot of water

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