Creative recycling with tetra pack: The most original ideas [PHOTOS]

Creative ideas tetra pack recycling. On many occasions, we have presented you recycling ideas DIY. On this occasion, we show how to get original practical and decorative utensils with tetra pack recycling.

What do you usually do with the carton? I throw it away, maybe it away? Then we offer original creative recycling ideas with tetra pack to give a new utility to these containers once you used.

One of the main features of the tetra pack is its versatility. With them you can, for example, from creating pencil holders, lamps, decorative boxes, etc. If you like our proposals, then we explain how to create them step by step.

To do this you must give your package the way you want. If you prefer, you can use several packages, adapt them to the size you want and stapled to secure them. Once you have defined the shape and size, then cut the fabric the same size as the tetra pack. Now, helping glue, fabric row to tetra pack. Finally, you can decorate your new pencil recycled paints. Finally, let the paint dry and you'll get your boat ready for use.

How to make a purse with tetra pack recycling

Materials: tetra pack, scissors, stapler, adhesive tapes and adhesive velcro colors.

Development, step by step: First paves the carton and cut the bottom of it. Then cut the top of the pack tetra leaving a flap. Now decorate the packaging helping of colored tape. Next, fold the sides of tetra pack inward. The time comes, then folding it in two and stapled in the middle. Finally, it only remains to make the closure of your purse recycled tetra pack. To do this, paste a Velcro strip to the flap and the other strip to the opposite side.

How to make decorative boxes with Tetrabrik

We finished reviewing the craft creative recycling cartons with a simple activity that we show how to create decorative boxes perfect for your home. Seize to renew your home decor with little money!

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