Enamels Spring / Summer 2016: Colors must have [PHOTOS]

Enamels Spring / Summer 2016: Colors must have. Pastel and vibrant colors for spring / summer 2016. nail polish for next season come to enrich our manicures. In the fashion shows we have seen like pinks, greens, blues are the protagonists, not to mention the red, a timeless classic and enamels with metallic finishes. Let's see what glazes fashion for spring / summer 2016 are.

There are plenty of nail trends for spring / summer 2016, It will be hard to choose our favorite, abound, in fact, proposals for new glazes suggested by the major cosmetic brands in the world, enamels, for several years, have become a complement. Therefore not surprising that the cosmetics companies make these more real products and be a leading element in their collections. One brand that creates the best enamels of the season is Chanel. The firm proposes a nail in a vibrant blue hue inspired by the landscapes of California. Among the makeup collections for 2016 highlight the Dior. The new glazes shine like a garden or a bouquet of flowers (the inspiration): no glazes in pastel colors, pink quartz or blue serenity, fashion colors according to Pantone, and glazes in more vivid shades like red or green.

Another must for next season enamel are those who have a metallic finish. You can choose enamels in metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze, and original glazes with metallic dots light blue, green or pink. There are also glazes with glitter or iridescent finishes. For example: YSL new glazes have a bright finish very cool pinks and greens. Giorgio Armani, however, it presents enamels brown, brown and beige more discreet natural tones. Mac offers collection MAC Flamingo Park, with two glazes that can be separately or together. First we have a nail polish fuchsia almost one fluorine and other glazes in pastel pink glitter. You can put first and then the enamel fuchsia glitter on a nail or a French manicure way to create a fun nail art. Jill Stuart bid to create a collection of enamels in pretty pastel shades like pink, blue, to yellow, orange or green. Zoya Whispers enamels also brings us pastel, but darker. There are pink, blue, taupe, nude, mauve&# 8230; Kiko low cost brand presents a collection of very appetizing glazes with sherbet shades with glitter. Marc Jacobs proposes a matte glaze very flattering pastel green. Visit our photo gallery to see all nail fashion.

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