contraceptive pill and its effects: When did you leave?

When you stop taking the pill. issues Health Trouble circulatory and hypertension, among others, and the decision be a mother They are two of the main reasons to stop taking the pill, one of the contraceptive methods most used by women. And not only to prevent pregnancy, but also in the treatment of gynecological problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis. However, in some cases, certain diseases or health problems can make taking the pill may not be the most recommended.

The contraceptive pill is -misma time everyday during periods of 21 days, 22 or 28-. Like all medications and hormonal contraceptives, the pill and side effects can be attached, including headache, feeling of nausea, breast pain or irregular bleeding are included. Effects usually subside within 2-3 months but, otherwise, should consult the gynecologist as it may be advisable to change the method. This could be one of the reasons why they stop taking the pill, but not the only one. see more closely what are the causes for this decision.

Issues blood pressure (Hypertension) is one of the reasons that force to review the use of the contraceptive pill. To this must be added the smoking. The snuff, in women over 35 years taking the pill, may be a risk factor for heart problems and blood vessels. Warning signs, and that we should take to stop taking the pill immediately, they are persistent headache, tingling and pain in the legs.

Pill and weight gain

Avoid gain weight retention-caused by Liquids- is another reason that may lead women to leave the pill. Next-generation pills have a much lower dose of hormones, so this effect has been reduced considerably. Regarding the weight before opting for finally stopping the pill, you have to analyze before if the increase is not related to the style of food and lack of exercise.

Stopping the pill to get pregnant

Usually the main reason the plan motherhood. In this case, you can stop drinking at any time. Ovulation can fast or delayed, because the menstrual cycle has to normalize, especially if we have taken the pill for a long period.

Stopping the pill to combat loss of libido

It is one of the side effects attributed to the pill, although not all studies agree in attributing this effect directly, because it can affect other factors. The practice of physical exercise, and the use of drospirenone pills can help.

When and how do you stop the pill? In general, you can stop at any time, especially if a physical appears as headaches and leg pains, as we have seen; or wait until the box is finished.

Pill: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many contraceptive pill brands. One of the most common is Yasmin but will certainly be your gynecologist who will recommend the most appropriate. The most frequent question is: Does the contraceptive pill fat? The latest generation no. All have their advantages and disadvantages but sometimes for health and if advised by the doctor, must be taken.

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