5 types of Vagina: Reasons not to tag

Vaginas, like penises are not equal. several Vaginal types according to their shape (Or so says Elite Daily, an open platform today). Here we discover 5 types of vaginal They are existing under way.

Vaginal types according to their shape

vaginas depending on the arrangement of the outer lips and clitoris adopt one form or another, some of the most characteristic forms of the vagina are:

1. Vagina type Barbie

It is the most common of all, it's outer lips cover perfectly interior and clitoris is protected within the cavity without any risk. This type of vaginas, experience more difficult (although not impossible) to reach orgasm since the clitoris is not in direct contact during sexual intercourse with the man pubis and therefore, this stimulation is reduced. Nevertheless, are much less frequent infections Urethral and much easier and safer removal of the area by any of the existing methods.

2. curtains type Vagina

In the vagina, the clitoris is fully air while hanging lips each side of this simulating curtains. Women who have this type of vaginal hiperdesarrollar the clitoris and often have a greater ability to reach orgasm in all their relations by the largest area of ​​friction. The counterpoint is that it is a bit unsafe for the clitoris to be so open and should take extra caution especially during epilation addition to proper hygiene to avoid problems.

3. Vagina type bag

This kind of vagina is like the first guy just hanging lips leaving excess skin around the clitoris. It is the kind of more complicated vagina to have a pleasurable sex because excess skin makes it difficult. For this reason it is necessary to use tricks to achieve orgasm ever. Moreover, it has no prejudice for women, since it can equally enjoy sex.

4. Vagina horse Leg

In this type of vagina, the lips have a curved shape which makes optically the effect "horse's leg" is believed this type has no problem when it comes to sex and stimulation is optimal, the only setback is the aesthetic factor such as vagina may become transparent through bikini or stretch pants.

5. Vagina tulip

This kind of vagina is the ideal, since the outer lips are protecting around the clitoris but leave enough stimulation during intercourse rubbing space.

Reasons not to label your pussy

There is no reason health or beauty to categorize the appearance of our sexual organs. If you can serve something or just know it can be a way to get us a few laughs together, excellent, but you never feel self-conscious about the shape of your body or a part of this. Each woman's anatomy is perfect As it is, whether we are in one way or another.

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