2015 trends for wedding guests [PHOTOS]

Wedding guests: 2015 Collection. You're invited to a wedding next year? Get ahead of the trends of dresses for wedding guests and discover what the designers proposals 2015.

There is no doubt that the bride has to be the big star of the wedding. However, the guests have to be up to an event like this. If you do not want to go unnoticed in such an event, do not miss the Wedding trends for 2015 guests.

Wedding guests, discover trends 2015

  • Design necklines. Precisely one of the most current trends in the collections of wedding dresses for next year are necklines peak. And how could it be less, among the invited wedding trends for 2015 those will also be present. However, peak necklines are the only ones who can enjoy because you'll also invited trends also include another style of sensual necklines, to other proposals designed for the most prudish guests. If you want to enjoy necklines peak, which monopolize much prominence next year, do not miss the collections of Franc Sarabia, Pronovias, Patricia Avedaño or Carla Ruiz.
  • Betting on lace. If in the past we enjoy the presence in celebrities and women belonging to the Royal Houses as, for example, Letizia and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, you can also feel like one of them. And it is that next year the lace will be very present in the collections of dresses for wedding guests. This will be presented as fully elaborate dresses with this material, or in the form of details that give a touch of sophistication to models. Thus, for example, collections Cabotine 2015, Franc Sarabia or Patricia Avendaño.
  • The presence of black color. How far are already those times when black dress to attend an event like a wedding was a wrong choice. Next year, however, It is a color very present in the collections for guests. Some of the firms that have joined this trend include Patricia Avendaño, Marco and Maria, Pronovias or Carla Ruiz.
  • Vaporous skirts. The next year are designs that primarily seek comfort. It is therefore not surprising that, above all, in long dresses, skirts convey those languid feeling much fall and movement.
  • The use of prints. We leave behind the sleek designs last year to take over from 2015. The prints combination of styles and colors They are one of the trends that have bet by, among others, Patricia Avendaño and Carla Ruiz.
  • vintage inspiration. Look to the past and especially the 50s and 20s is another proposal for next year. Do you dare to join this homage to the past?

Would you have liked these proposals? Do not also miss the collection of short prom dresses 2015 Pronovias, collected most suitable bride for wedding guests and even the following tips to cut back on your expenses.

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