Yogalates 10 benefits of the new trend to lose weight

He yogalates, as the name suggests, combines the best of yoga and pilates, two disciplines to put as the body and the mind. Both are considered two good allies for slim down Y toning the body, so why not make the most of combining the best of each? With the yogalates I can already do so, a technique that helps us gain flexibility and balance while we strengthen muscles. The yogalates, also known as yoguilates, He was born in 1997 hand personal trainer Jonathan Urla, who would take over Louise Solomon. The yogalates combines postures or asanas of yoga with intensity Pilates exercises. Notes the Benefits you will report the yogalates.

1. Reduce stress

He stress It is one of the enemies of health and weight, precisely because it can be the cause that prevents us from losing weight. It may also happen that stress will lead to placate resorting to food. So to lose weight, to care for the physical and emotional health, stress free your life.

2. avoids sagging

Age not only betrays the skin sagging, also carry a strict diet and rapid weight loss They may be behind. To avoid this, yogalates exercises are perfect, because they help tone every muscle.

3. Helps reduce volume

By doing work all muscles, we also work some of the more rebel areas, as the tummy, waist, thighs or buttocks.

4. It helps burn more calories

By combining yoga postures with the Pilates movements increases the level of body energy which translates into increased consumption of calories.In a half-hour session you can burn up to one hundred calories, and in an hour up to 220 calories.

5. Active blood circulation

Not only make you feel lighter and active, but less tired. To the exercising muscles, and the various postures and exercises, also activates circulation.

6. Increased Metabolism

The yogalates is also perfect if you have a slow metabolism. Thus, among its benefits, by improving circulation, breathing and increase energy is achieved accelerate metabolism. In addition to a healthy diet helps to lose weight yogalates.

7. Improved posture

Yogalates exercises help us correct bad posture, for example they can cause back pain; also they promote balance and improve coordination.

8. stimulates the respiratory system

The execution of different exercises requires attention, which also encourages us to focus in breathing. Yogalates practice not only relaxing, it helps us learn how to better control your breathing.

9. Reinforce abdominal

The work focused on the muscles not only help win flexibility, but in coordination and elasticity. One of the areas hardest working the yogalates are the abdominals.

10. Improve your wellbeing

The yogalates make you feel better inside and out, resulting in your physical and emotional wellbeing. If we feel good, we dare everything.

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