How to decorate the glass with decoupage [PHOTOS]

The technique glass découpage. Do you like crafts? Then we teach you to master a technique used since the Middle Ages, we talk about decoupage technique. Know how to apply it on glass.

Do you know the technique of decoupage? It is a decorative manual technique in which different fabrics to paste on various supports such as wood, for example, metals, candles, soaps, glass, cardboard or glass, among other printed paper or used. Precisely then we deal with this technique show you how to work on the glass.

How to decorate the glass decoupage

Glass is a perfect surface to work on the technique of decoupage. You can, for example, use a bottle, a glass, a bowl or a lamp, among others.

While you can avail yourself of paper of different types with great results, the best are obtained by using rice paper. But do you want to know how to decorate a glass element with this technique? Here we show you in simple steps. Takes note.

First, you must cut the paper making up those decorations that you want to capture in the glass, trying to place the cut on the glass and helping a soft brush pieces.

Then separates glue trying to achieve a uniform layer of the paper and to prevent, therefore, the formation of air bubbles.

Next is the turn of brush the surface and then apply a new coat of white glue. Let dry and once you are ready you apply two coats of clear varnish. Let dry for twelve hours.

How to decorate a cylindrical vase

Want to decorate a cylindrical vase also following the technique of decoupage? We know how.

Here, we show how to apply decorations and details in gold tone to a cylindrical glass vase.

The materials you need are: a glass vase in black, paper printed with decorations and designs gold, white glue, bowls, a cloth, a soft, flat brush, a round brush, ethyl alcohol, scissors and paint gel.

First, cut the decorative elements with scissors. Then clean the vase with a cloth dipped in alcohol. Let dry. Then take the round brush and apply the glue on the surface where you go to place the decorative paper.

Once you have placed a damp cloth passes over the surface and allow to dry for one hour.

We now turn to finish. To do this, you must apply several coats of paint gel to obtain a uniform surface. Leave first coat to dry for six hours.

After this time and have ready your glass vase decorated with decoupage technique.

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