How have the longer and thicker lashes without mascara: Cheats

Would you like to know how to have longer and thicker lashes without mascara? Really they who they give us depth to the look and we stand eyes. The mask is one of the basic makeup of a woman. Today we show you how to get you more game.

know our possibilities when putting on makeup It will make our natural beauty enhancement. Well, before buying any mascara, You should know that there is a mascara for each type of eyes. And, is not the same volume to a dull eyes to deepen look at some large eyes.

If you want only what is highlight them because you're happy with your eyelashes, you can opt for eyelash tinting technique. This is only one session at a specialized beauty center, where within 30 minutes you will have the eyelashes dyed. For one, two or three months (as you've hired) will wear a Vertigo tabs without makeup daily. Certainly a good choice to always be perfect.

Castor oil for eyelashes

This is one of the most effective natural remedies in many areas. Castor oil has many vitamins and minerals, so if it is effective for hair growth, it will also be for eyelashes.

To apply perfectly clean mascara brush and oil Rub it in rinino. Be sure to remove a paper on excess oil. Ideally, leave it overnight and the next morning remove a mild soap especially for the face.

By doing this ritual every day, soon you notice the results, longer and thicker, stronger lashes well.

Olive oil and lemon juice

This is one of the most practical remedies. To do this, mixing in a boat four parts of olive oil and lemon juice. Stir well and with the help of a cotton swab, apply across all tabs. After twenty minutes, rinse with cold water. For that to take effect, do it twice perday.

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