Bob cut uneven: The latest craze [PHOTOS]

Bob cut uneven: The latest craze Now that spring comes, it may be you want to renew your haircut. If so, opt for fashionable hairstyle: uneven bob. Michas famous have fallen for this type of cut, as it is very fresh and often favors almost all kinds of faces. It is an elegant, youthful and sensual cut. Here we tell you how to wear fashionable hairstyle of the season.

To start you have to know what a bob cut: it is a short bob, usually below the ears. Also there are the long and the short bob bob. The long bob It is a longer hair, her shoulders, also called midi hair, very fashionable this season. Short bobis a hair above the ears, that is shorter than a normal bob. Whatever your choice, in all three cases you can take an uneven cut.

If you decide to bet on the asymmetrical bob, cutting takes a longer side than the other, the line is usually on the side and neck raw, uncut too. We can bring smooth, natural or light waves. The famous and trends are often decant a short uneven bob with very light and desenfadas waves. What famous opt for this type of hairstyle? Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Elsa Pataky, Sienna Miller&# 8230; A different way is to take part in the middle and with a slightly flattened part and the other hair-despinado effect. For &# 8220; crush&8221; one of the areas may use a gel or pomade. With this hairstyle You get a very trendy and fashionable look. If you are more daring can cut very asymmetrically your bob, ie much shorter in the neck and longer in the front, this type of hairstyle is ideal for those who have very smooth and without volume hair. Since this type of cut will give us body and texture.

Another hairstyle that is cut your hair succeeds to bob unequally, but raparlo below. This cut leave it for the most radical and who like to show off a touch of punk in their looks. Play with color we also can bring a touch of glamor to our uneven bob cut. You can decant for a few subtle strands or demoted, even for a Californian. And if you just want to give a touch of sparkle to your look with a color bath will suffice. Visit our photo gallery to see all the looks.

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