Tess Holliday: Model poses nude curvy

Tess Holliday, a model curvy It has removed all complex and has posed naked. Ole her. All you'll see are your tattoos because they have removed all the clothes and even makeup to join the project Confessional with the photographer Scott Nathan It intends to stand up to the standards of female beauty. Tess is a plus-size model and well known in your account Instagram accumulates near 200,000 views and 410 comments on these photos.

The size model Tess Holliday (measured 1.65 meters tall and wears XXL size on your clothes) poses nude to fight standards beauty. So he shared his Instagram account a video that is part of the project &8216; Confessional&8217; Photographer Scott Nathan.

In this way she undresses and makeup is removed to join a project that aims to combat the standards of female beauty. And is that who says curvys models can not pose nude, changing the rules of beauty.

This video is made up 100 women, between 11 and 86 years involved the photo shoot in which the only instructions they receive are: Listen to the music and not detach the eyes of the lens. We feel great that Tess has dared to pose in this manner as they have done other curvys.

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