Polka dot prints, the new trend for 2017 [PHOTOS]

Couture designers we past him spring and summer 2017 fashion shows we have confirmed. Polka dot prints are a trend. Dresses, blouses, skirts and pants are filled with dots and become the must-have of the season. We give you all the details.

Fashion polka dot prints

In mini size or emulating puntillismo large points. All are worth and adapt perfectly to the trendiest fashion. The patterns of dots are characterized by a marked retro air, tend to be mainly in black and white and there are already many haute couture designers like Oscar de la Renta, Micheal Kors, Gucci Resort, Dior, Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, who they bet everything looks with polka dot dresses, or shirts, shirts, blouses and even pants and skirts, sometimes making contrast sizes in the same styling.

A shirt with print dot It is ideal for daily outfit, you can mix with the black pants or jeans classic cut; for footwear chooses a tip mules or booties in white. Dresses with prints of points are suitable for almost all styles: models thin straps with micro dots, polka dot long sleeve large, tight dress with tulle details and cooler parts lunar midi to wear in spring. And if you're one of those who dare all, do not miss the pants with points, there are pieces straight cut, the more loose and there are models in bright colors to create looks full of daring.

Full of personality and style, moles venture as the essential of the season. sophisticated and feminine garments, curves and volumes that models "dotted" in which white takes center stage on its opposite hue and conversely, parts betting are enhanced by the more subtle and glamorous version, the sweetness and sobriety They are mixed in a perfect balance. Undoubtedly, moles get always bring that flirty touch and our chic outfits. And you? Do you dare to wear the polka dot trend?

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