I hate my mother: 5 Steps to address the problem

To have Having trouble with your mother It is bad enough but if the thing comes hatred the thing gets really serious. You must make an effort and try resolve your differences with it, or at least ponerte mode in zen that does not affect you in the least what you say or do. Luckily, since she can now give you a series of tips to help you overcome your visceral hatred to the mother of your partner.

Identifies the root of the problem

Where does this hatred? Looks back and think about how they were the beginnings of your relationship. Find the turning point It is key to discover what goes wrong between you. perhaps just you may be incompatible or it may happen something specific (or several things together) to have come to feel that way.

Is a mutual feeling?

If your mother also hates you is little you can do to change his mind. If not have you done anything, most likely the reason for his hatred is that you 'You took' her son. At that, you can only minimize damage not going to wipe your comments.

If you only hate it because you think beyond the limits of your privacy but she adores you have to do clean slate. In this scenario you have two options: get support from your partner (Something that is not too easy to get, unfortunately, especially if it only seeks to please) or talk to your mother directly. Ideally, it is he who does it but probably his mother appears normal act that way because it is what is used and refuse. Do you get angry but without arguing. Sometimes a hint is enough.

Avoid conflicts with your partner

It is an almost inevitable consequence. If he does not get on your side you will have problems from time to time because of him. Let him see how you feel, that is uncomfortable for you that your mother do certain things. You may not understand but must accept it as well. In any case, It is never a good idea to give an ultimatum and let him decide between you and your relationship he has with his mother.

Get in zen mode

If her face does not fit into your plans it is best that you adopt an attitude of acceptance and silent hatred. Let it roll, do not give rise to clashes and avoid it or to go to your house Everything you can. He thinks that most of the time, their intention is not bad. And if it is, there will come a point where you have to ask yourself if it is worth continuing with your relationship at that price.

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