Mother’s Day: Date Spain 2014

He Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain the first Sunday in May. But it has always been, the celebration moved in 1965 December 8 this new date. And because? Because May has always been identified with the Virgin Mary, therefore, with mothers. However, elsewhere in the world are celebrated on other dates.

The first Sunday of May is celebrated Spain on Mother's Day. A very special day in which all children try to honor our mothers. Tradition dictates and says you have to give them away something, do not need to be expensive, just original and is made with love. For example, some poems showing our feelings. In our country we celebrated the first Sunday of May because we associate the Virgin Mary, because it is the month dedicated to the mother of Jesus.

But really the celebration of this day comes from Boston (United States). When 873 women in 18 US cities held a meeting Mother's day. Boston continued to hold him for at least another decade. Over the years, they were putting out more celebrations. Finally, President Woodrow Wilson declared Year 1914, Mother's Day as the second Sunday in May in the United States. That was gestated the International Day of the mother after finding was echoed in other countries that adopted it to be the celebration known today.

In other countries

Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal South Africa or Poland other countries are also celebrated on the first Sunday of May. For its part, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Turkey, Japan and Italy the second is held.

In other date it is very different. August 2 Thailand on the occasion of the birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara or on August 15, Assumption Day in Costa Rica.

Undoubtedly, the Mother's Day, although it has become a Very trading day, It is ideal to share with family and do a lot of activities.

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