How to decorate the house with old furniture: DIY Ideas

Who said that furnish or redecorate the house is expensive? Introducing the ideal alternative for a change of style in your home, thanks to the restoration and creative recycling. Before discarding any piece of furniture, thinks for a moment in the second chance you can give. Even some furniture can take another role, ie, reconvert. For example, a trunk restored we can use table even some old suitcases can function extra storage space or small tables. Do not forget either that decorative details They are the perfect complement to give the touch that lacked any style. Thus there are parts or accessories which, with a slight repair, they can still be very useful.

Decorate with secondhand furniture also means giving a second chance to materials in which they are made. Let's see some practical ideas to redecorate your home and if you need more inspiration, check out the image gallery where you will find original and surprising with antique furniture and, until now, had been stored in the attic or basement. With a little imagination and creativity you can get a home decoration most original and welcoming.

If you are lucky enough to have some old furniture, perhaps inherited from grandparents or you found in a thrift store, you can give an original touch and seek your space at home. Flea markets or websites are another option for finding the furniture sale of resale and accessories at low prices. With a little creativity and some tips you can customize and make any old object to regain its functionality.

Creative recycling of furniture

Creative recycling is a good idea to recover objects and secondhand furniture, with a personal and different touch. In the case of old furniture, before placing it on the site chosen, it is clean and repair those flaws or defects product over time. If it is wooden furniture, sanding paint, varnish or old finish and giving it a new layer. A tip to consider is to try not to choose furniture or objects with very different styles, because the result is not always flattering, they may even be overloaded. To place furniture in a room they must be combined with a consistent style.

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