Pigtails types: All ways to make ponytails

    Pigtail is one of the most comfortable and easy hairstyles make there. Pigtail has been renovated and has become a sophisticated hairstyle and glamor came. There are many types of ponytails, from the simplest through the most elaborate. In addition, ponytail hairstyles are ideal for summer. In EllaHoy you count what types and forms of ponytails there and how.

    1. Basic Coleta

    Basic or simple ponytail It is a hairstyle that all use daily, because it is very easy to carry and comfortable. A classic that never gets old. You only need to pick up your hair and make a ponytail with a rubber band. If you want the simple ponytail remain straighter places a pair of forks in between gum and hair.

    2. Queue despeinada

    Tousled effect is overall trend in the world capillary beauty. If you want to give a more casual touch to your looks opts for a tousled and messy ponytail effect. We recommend that the queue is a little low and have texture. This type of queue is ideal for casual outfits.

    3. Coleta highly polished

    The highly polished ponytails They are perfect for those women with straight hair. To get a polished ponytail hair should stretch all you can (without damaging it) and make a ponytail. For the hair to have that polished effect can use pomade or styling gel and hairspray. The polished pigtail can be high or low. If you have a square face or round, the high will be better.

    4. Coleta with threaded lock

    Pigtail with hair curled like a rubber always It provides an air of sophistication a daily look. To make this hairstyle you only need to make a ponytail (with the height you want) and &# 8220; hide hair rubber&8221; with a lock around the queue. You must fix the lock with a hairpin and some hairspray and voila !.

    5. pigtail with ties

    Pigtails with bows or ribbons is one of the hair trends of the season. You only need make the queue you want and add a ribbon or loop. This accessory provides the look and the hair a romantic and French touch. You like?

    6. Queue wave

    Queues have taken the red carpet. A very flattering favorite of many famous hairstyle, and is the ponytail with waves. First you must perform a soft waves with a curling or flat iron, then collect hair in a ponytail. Waves breaks a little finger for a touch more hair trend.

    7. pigtail crown braid

    This hairstyle ponytail braid has many versions +. The key is to play with the type and length of hair. You should also consider the rest of your look at when making this hairstyle. You can make a crown braid with a ponytail with waves or make several long braids and a ponytail&# 8230; There are endless possibilities for this hairstyle.

    8. Coleta with herringbone braid

    Other very elegant and chic hairstyle is the ponytail with a braid. To make this hairstyle you must make a ponytail (best high or lateral). When you already have collected in a ponytail rubber you must make a braid across the ponytail can be a herringbone braid or normal. Braid ends with a smaller rubber hair, and you have your ponytail with braid.

    9. bubbles pigtail

    Undoubtedly, pigtail fashion this season is the queue of bubbles. This type of queue is characterized by high and having several divided endings that look like bubbles. It is a queue that provides a lot of volume and elegance to the hair. Even reina Letizia has led the ponytail bubble !. Pigtail hairstyle bubble is the must-have of the season.

    10. Two pigtails

    Hairstyles with two pigtails often remind us of our childhood, but the reality is that too you can take an adult. Performs two ponytails casualties on both sides of the head and ready. The effect should be slightly messy hair. This type of pigtails are ideal for casual looks and women with a midi hair.

    11. Side pigtail

    Finally, we have lateral pigtail. This queue is a different way to live a simple ponytail. You should just take all your hair to one side of the head and make a ponytail. Normally the side ponytails are low, but if you want to show off a commitment to make 80s look a side at the top of the head ponytail.

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