Dizziness during and after menstruation: What to do?

The feeling of dizziness during and after menstruation It is a common symptom suffered by many women. Hormonal changes experienced by the woman's body along the entire menstrual cycle They are behind the symptoms or discomfort, such as pain in the lower belly, headache and, of course, dizziness. If symptoms persist and concern us, it is advisable to consult the doctor because we have a problem low blood pressure that, these days, is more evident.

It can be said that each of the phase the menstrual cycle is associated with a number of symptoms. For example, during the ovulation discomfort in the abdominal area and increased flow may occur. In the days immediately before the rule can intensify symptoms such as bloating, weakness, mood swings or loss of concentration. Symptoms that fall within the so-called premenstrual syndrome. During menstruation, meanwhile, common symptoms are stomach ache, dizziness, sickness, Back pain, leg pain, problems sleeping, diarrhea. Symptoms can be controlled with proper treatment, even in this case natural remedies, herbal and herbs, can be very effective.

Another related causes dizziness is on the pill, in fact it is one of its side effects. And another reason to feel dizzy before and during menstruation is a problem of anemia or deficit of any essential nutrient. Indeed, women are more vulnerable to having Iron deficiency, a problem that can be aggravated by hormonal changes.

Also keep in mind that dizziness are more common in women who have been diagnosed with vertigo, especially in cases of irregular menses.


To prevent the onset of dizziness during menstruation should increase intake liquid, trying to drink enough Water during those days. It also helps take some candy or sweet licorice; to eat them, the tension rises. Another trick is to wear a pinch of salt under the tongue.

It is important to also review our diet and try to bet more fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods and sugars. During the days before menstruation and is also good to eat fewer drinks caffeine or stimulants. Maybe, to further increase fluid intake, it is to go for herbal teas and plants.

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