No vaccines: Diseases eradicated returning because of the anti-vaccine

For years the main goal was to create vaccines to eradicate diseases. However, it can also produce the opposite effect. That is to say, because of the movement that says no to vaccines have eradicated diseases flourish again in the past. An argument that the group of vaccines not always wields. Measles, a disease that thanks to the method of infant vaccination had disappeared from Europe, has seen the number of affected countries such as Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal (where a 17-year-old has died from the disease) and Romania, where it is believed that began viral epidemic.

The story of the 17 year old who died in a hospital in Lisbon because of a disease that has left us the first vaccine unnecessary fatality. a terrible result of misrepresentation It is affecting our time and spreads like a virus through social networks and websites of questionable credibility. The anti vaccine does not rest on a scientific basis and endangers not only those who adhere to it, but the entire community. Then we leave a list of diseases that until now had been eradicated but who see this new trend a new opportunity to attack:

However, the group that is against vaccines do not say that. For them, many parents choose not to vaccinate their children because they learn rather than medically prefer to hear arguments on and trust them. Because of this, after scientific breakthrough that led us to eliminate these diseases, we meet again in a situation of risk, which affects us all.

The data are alarming, so far this year, mumps increased by 159%, the measles 3.660% one and chickenpox 27% over last year.

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