Pathological gambling: symptoms, causes and solutions

The gambling addiction, as the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers points out, it is defined as a progressive alteration of behavior which feels ludópata uncontrollable urge to gamble without thinking about the negative consequences. A addiction which may be accompanied by the consumption of substances such as snuff, alcohol or drugs. The ludópata only thinks about the game, where your only goal, leaving aside their social, work and family life, including falling into a vicious circle of lies to keep playing. Pathological gambling is a very dangerous addiction. But, what they are your Causes?, what signals should make us suspect ?, what is the treatment?


Gambling addiction is more common among men, although in recent years there is a change in trend, it remains a problem that affects both sexes equally. We can not ignore that with new technologies access to gambling It is much easier and with a much wider choice. Although not known for sure what causes it generates gambling addiction wave pathological gambling addiction, yes it relates to the biological, genetic and environmental factors. There are risk factors such as behavioral disorders, mood disorders, addictions or substance abuse.


Gambling addiction is easily identifiable behaviors. The obsession with gambling and betting results in the search money to go play as well as the increasingly uncontrollable need to increase bets, getting nervous and irritated if someone asks you to stop. Often, gambling is a way out of problems, however, the problem can be multiplied because gambling addiction can involve lying to get money and even self-denial that we have a gambling problem.


As soon as you realize the problem is advisable immediately consult a specialist to prevent it from worsening or becoming chronic. The problem is that gamblers tend to deny deny and hide their addiction to gambling, and therefore becomes important help from family and friends to accompany the specialist. Addiction to gambling can be treated based on the characteristics of those affected, and the way forward may be the psychotherapy, drug therapy and assistance to Self-help groups. The road is long, the risk of relapse is high, but can stand up to pathological gambling.

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