Ponytail hairstyles for brides: Wedding Pony tail [PHOTOS]

You can hear many names: ponytail, ponytail, pony tail&# 8230; this hairstyle so simple and yet so versatile is a very wise for brides option, no need to seek impossible hairstyles or collected elaborate with those who do not you to feel yourselves with a simple ponytail can look spectacular on your wedding day . exist many variants ponytail hairstyles making sure you will find one that suits your style, we show the best hairstyles for brides ponytailed.

pony tail wedding: Hair Types

  • low ponytail: The low ponytail can take parted in the middle or to one side, with bangs or even a toupee or volume at the top. If you opt for a worsted very low ponytail and tight you can counteract the simplicity and sobriety hairstyle with more striking earrings or larger. If you choose a low ponytail casual style You can decorate with some fresh flowers, this low ponytail disheveled style is perfect for romantic brides.
  • high ponytail: High pony tails much favor because They leave the clear face and highlight our features: Cheekbones, eyes&# 8230; If you have long hair a high ponytail with an open back dress can be very flattering. A high ponytail well groomed and stretched gives a very elegant result that favors a lot with simple dresses brides who do not want a hairstyle very elaborate. A high pony tail effect tousled will give a very modern touch that gives you different options depending on how the complementes: braids, volumes, ornaments&# 8230;
  • lateral Coleta: The side ponytails are a classic among brides, combine well with all styles and all accessories: veils, brooches, flowers, wreaths, headdresses&# 8230;
  • Pigtail plaits: Braids have become one of the essential for us, their different styles to suit any time and we can take them for going to work, going out with friends and even as bridal hairstyle. Look at this gallery semirecogidos bride with braids we have for you. Pigtailed pigtails give your image an ideal place for wedding dresses boho chic or vintage-inspired romantic style.
  • original pigtailsIf you look favored with her hair and want to wear a pony tail as bridal hairstyle but do not want a classic ponytail, there are options for you. You can opt for a knotty ponytail, ponytail mohawk style (Root with a braid or pin in the upper part a toupee, Mohican type), pigtail cord or rope or combine different models: style Mohawk above and cord in the queue, queue with knots and braids on the sides&# 8230; There are many combinations and all'll look spectacular.

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