8 good reasons to cut short hair

    Are you tired of wearing long hair? There are 8 good reasons for a haircut short that you can not miss. How many times have you given up by a generous snip fear not being happy with the result? However, there are several reasons to dare a radical cut. Are you curious to know them? Pay attention!

    1. Infuse security

    We women, we are able to create us ourselves some real psychological complexes of imperfection. prominent ears, protruding chin or high forehead are just a few. We are given to leave us long locks falling over his forehead to cover some minor flaw, like a real salvation. We suggest that you give a rest once and for all and you cut your hair. Do not you think that Katie Holmes It is better with your new haircut?

    2. Reduce frizz effect

    Other advantage the short hair? You say goodbye to Hair masks against frizz or frizz. With shorter hair, will minimize this nasty tendency of your hair giving you look foolish.

    3. Long-term Hairstyles

    It'll happen to you too. No more go to the hairdresser a worthy glam hairstyle for a star, because you can do it alone. You just need your stylist give you some small tips to mold your hair.

    4. List in 5 minutes

    Do you get up so hurry you only need to go to work in your pajamas? Then we recommend short hair, especially for those who They have little time for themselves. In the mornings just you need a little time to get ready. Forget the dryer for more than half an hour.

    5. Face, neck and shoulders out

    What if a woman just need a short haircut to be seductress? He long Bob, Bob and cut Pixie They have the power to emphasize the face, neck and shoulders. Neckline also attract attention. Try to use a top your image will be much more thin.

    6. Always elegant

    Yes, short hair always associated with a elegant and sophisticated look. Not surprisingly, many celebs choose to wear their hair very short. Look for example Charlize Theron, bob cut gives a special charm and classy.

    7. Easy Makeup

    With a short haircut, few elements are enough beauty to be on top. Trust our simple trick that will improve your appearance: A eyeliner and mascara applied without errors will be sufficient for a perfect look.

    8. life easier

    If you think about it, short hair will make you life easier. Hair, usually, dirty less, it takes less time to prepare it and comb your hair and gradually learn to get you out party. Yes, we leave these 10 things you should know before you cut your hair. Here we encourage you to do it.

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