Ruben Gonzalez, MYHYV to win Mr. Universe 2015 [PHOTOS]

23 years, native of the Canary Islands and an enviable physical. There are three characteristics that may define the new Mr. Universe 2015. The race of Rubén González, Gran Canaria, just take off. Although many already know their way through the program Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) which tried to conquer Aguasantas. Girls, very careful, because he is single! Check out the photos because this month the temperature will rise a few degrees.

Mister Universe 2015 speaks Spanish. It does so by Rubén González, a young man of Gran Canaria, the truth does not have a single paste. He's handsome, has a great body musculado, It's nice, a smile 10, likes football and is the Real Madrid, and over ... you're single. Can you ask for more? Let us know a little more, because even has its past on television.

The canary in 23 years its 1.91cm Height has won the beauty contest among 40 applicants in the certament comptían thanks to his impressive torso after being paraded in bathing suit, dress and costume. And it's not surprising considering this plant law student. Ruben tried his luck in this program. He tried to win the hearts of the then tronista Aguasantas Vilches.

Aguasantas, but he left the program, not eventually closed his romance with which today can boast of being the most handsome man in the world. "The truth is not yet believe it. This is very important for me because I know that my career will be decisive and that marks a before and after. Everything happened very fast and I'm beginning to assimilate. We'll see what happens, "says the handsome to El Mundo.

Rubén González is Mr. Universe 2015, a title which last year fight our current Mister Spain, Alejandro Nieto. Now we ask a favor, tell us who you like most of them. opinions allowed.

Second title for Spain

It is the second time a Spanish conquest the contest the most handsome man in the world a few years ago it got Rubén López, that we saw in the last edition of survivors. Surely the career of Reuben will give much to talk about. And we so happy to hear from him.

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