Supraspinatus tendinitis: causes, symptoms and treatment

The supraspinatus tendinitis It is one of the main causes of pain in the shoulder, generally result of bad posture or an excessive and repetitive use of the arm up. Let's see what the symptom and the treatment most suitable for this type of tendinitis.

The suprespinoso is a tendon which is located on the shoulder and part of the so called rotator cuff. Involved in the mobility and facilitates shoulder abduction arm, movement away arm body. Supraspinatus tendinitis is, as noted, one of the most frequent and common shoulder pain reasons. Takes place when it produces a inflammation Fretting supraspinatus, it caused usually by repetitive movements that force keeping the arm raised.

Overuse by repeating -Clean daily gestures, screw&# 8230; -, bad posture, overstrain They are the main causes of the supraspinatus tendinitis. Not usually appear overnight, if so progressive, becoming more intense pain and discomfort when moving the arm and shoulder.

If we notice any of these symptoms, you should consult the doctor, especially to assess, with a physical examination, the extent of the injury. You may also need an x-ray to rule out other causes. The defintivias tests such as MRI or ultrasound, discarded supraspinatus tendon rupture.

Supraspinatus tendinitis Treatment

He treatment of this disease through the repose arm, avoiding all situations that force or movements have it high. It's advisable apply cold in the affected area -ice wrapped in a towel and applied the area- and take some antiinflammatory (Ibuprofen). When pain persists, and initial treatment is not effective, it is advisable to assess whether rehabilitation exercises, especially exercises to strengthen the muscles, or a Local infiltration with corticoids.

When the patient does not respond to any of the treatments mentioned, your doctor may advise perform Shoulder arthroscopy, in order to remove inflamed tissue. This operation is generally performed under local anesthetic and does not require hospitalization. Then placed the arm sling and day as directed by your doctor, you will begin to perform gentle exercises to mobilize the shoulder. Several weeks later you can begin rehabilitation exercises.

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