When is the best time to shave?

Believe it or not, tweezing brainer behind. We know that to do this properly we must consider the characteristics to do with wax or blade, plus a set of guidelines that we follow, especially if it comes to sensitive areas such as female full hair removal. The fact is that we know a lot about how, but no one has ever told us about when to do it or why. we tell When is the best time to shave.

The best time to shave

Many times has happened to us that night we looked and thought we should go plucking perfect the next day, but fatigue and laziness make us postpone it until the next morning. In fact, many times it's as comfortable as they take in the morning helps us to luzcamos perfect legs all day.

However, a group of experts in the field have warned that doing so early the day is not only counterproductive it is also one trampto, especially if we talk about hair removal blade. In the morning, the skin is in a state of rest, so that presents a far superior softness than usual. This prevents make a perfect hair removal.

For women who prefer showering nothing waking the effect is much worse, and that attempting to do so after leaving the shower we will find that the temperature change has closed pores. The disadvantage of this is that the hair is not shaved completely, but will be a small tip impossible to remove at that time and when the pores are reopened, it will appear immediately.

Thus the recommendation of the experts is depilated just before going to sleep. By doing so, we will wake up with a much softer, hairless legs.


Each hair is different, as their growth rate, density and thickness. That is why every woman should observe their own metabolism and consider when is the best time, but always taking into account the advice given by experts and adapting to their situation. You will wear a heart-stopping legs every day!

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