Curly becomes permanent: new techniques and trends

Moving from a smooth to a curled end is possible thanks to the permanent, one that revives today among many females updated styling technique ochentera. we tell some secrets behind this seductive trend and some techniques for arrases on the dance floor as they did then.

lighthearted, afros or just with lots of volume are fashionable looks. Curls forming means breaking some bridges of proteins in the hair before fixing the wavy shape. Current techniques are similar to traditional in their step, but now you enter the call thioglycolate ammonia, active in permanent lotion, which is able to remodel the format of the strands ingredient.

The downside is that chemists can make hair brittle and can become brittle or dry appearance, also causing some strands fall. However, as an alternative, there digital permanent, creating more open and natural waves. This formula is made without hot chumis chemical, but a Blue LED light. The procedure is more benign hair because prevents damage to the hair fiber.

However, current permanent also provide hair care items, silk proteins providing a flexible texture, aloe vera It is providing moisture and amino acids that help maintain a living and elastic hair.

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