The best long prom dresses for spring / summer 2015 [PHOTOS]

The best long prom dresses for spring / summer 2015. We are in the era of weddings, christenings, communions, parties and events of all kinds. Each event requires a protocol and a specific style look. For an evening wedding, evening party and even wedding day we can look spectacular long gowns. It is generally recommended to show off at parties evening / night, but it's true that for a country wedding, for example, can wear a long dress boho floral style. Do not miss today's post with the best long prom dress for this season and how to take them.

The best fashion brands have opted for design spectacular long prom dresses to the delight of lovers of luxury. For example: Michael Kors proposes a midnight blue dress with halter neckline and gold metallic detail, you can combine with shoes in gold color. For the more daring there long chiffon dress color neon coral with glosses over body Needle & Thread. Diane von Furstenberg designed a beautiful and flattering flower print dress with fuchsia, perfect for a country wedding. If you take a long print dress with accessories combine commitment and sober accessories, dresses leaving the spotlight to. The same is true if you wear a dress with glitter. If instead you decide on a maxi dress in solid colors, it is best to combine with metallic accessories or printed.

Low cost brands also have a variety of long dresses parties like Asos or Mango. Asos dresses you can find signature or other brands. For example, a cream chiffon dress embroidered with body color or brightness a red dress with an open back, red is always a color that acertarás safe, also one of the preferred famous tones. You also have long dresses with fabrics like chiffon gauze or in dusty colors or floral prints that are perfect for a bridesmaid or for a guest to an evening wedding. For the more daring or go to a party glamorous maxi dresses commitment with bright accents, back necklines, asymmetrical designs, glitter&# 8230; Add a little fantasy to your look to make a difference.

Mango also you have very nice and very flattering cuts long dresses. The word models are the most watched honor fabrics like lace or shine. Draped dresses are the protagonists of many designs and necklines in the back give us a different touch. Visit our photo gallery for the best long dresses.

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