How to read tablet without damaging the eye: Tips

If you love reading you should also know how to read tablet without damaging the eye. Mobile devices are part of our lives and have brought some changes, such as replacing the traditional support role for digital. But, Is it bad for the eyes to read books in tablet?

Although online reading more comfortable, especially for younger, continued use of mobile screens, tablets or computers can harm the health of your eyes if minimum protection measures are not taken. What advice should continue to read without damaging the eye?

Tips for reading on tablet

To read in tablet or ebook, specialists of the General Council of Colleges of Opticians Optometrists, recommend:

  • Control the screen brightness (Intensity 30-50%).
  • choose a large screen (Few more inches and higher resolution, better reading).
  • Place the screen horizontally so that the eyes suffer less.
  • Locate the screen 30 centimeters eyes, placing it below the eyes.
  • Adjust font size reading until we find it as comfortable as possible.
  • To blink most commonly during reading manner.
  • Rest your eyes every 10 minutes observing a distant landscape or object.
  • Avoid spending more than an hour followed by holding the tablet.
  • Using lenses with specific filters to avoid the effects of blue light emitting almost all mobile devices.

Consequences of using mobile devices to read

Between the consequences of abusing mobile devices to read, both tablets and electronic books, and especially using them incorrectly, the most common are:

  • ocular dryness.
  • Itchy eyes.
  • Headache.
  • Blurry vision.
  • eyestrain.
  • Pain in the neck and back.

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