How to crochet cactus: Ideas and models to follow

Crochet is fashionable, and no wonder when you consider the original creations we can knit with a little creativity and skill. As we taking practice we can create our own designs, both the wardrobe to decorate the house. As some original details crochet cactus, we can then place in a small pots, to put some color in every corner of your house. A fun way to create a small garden and, above all, encourage decoration room. They are also a nice gift.

Let's see, then how to weave crochet cactus in an easy way and combining cotton threads. The materials we need are cotton or wool fine brown and green, crochet needle (number 3.5), and thread scissors. We must also have the pot, to know what the diameter and make the base of the cactus. It is best to start with a cactus in a small pot of 5-6 cm.

Crochet Cactus step

We begin weaving a magic ring with six points with green thread. In the first round, at each point weave increased, reaching 12 points at the end of the turn. In the second round, a low weave and increased, reaching 18 points. In the third round, we knit two low points and an increase to 24 points. Then we weave 10 turns from low points, and from the back number 14 begin to decrease. Thus, we weave 2 lows and decreased total points, and repeat on the next lap. On lap 16, we decrease to close the cactus.

The next thing we need to knit is the base or land of cactus, in brown color. We started weaving a magic ring with 6 points. In the first round, weave increased each point to 12 points. In the second round, we weave a low and an increase (18 points). In the third round, we knit two low points and an increase (24 points). In the fourth round, we knit 3 lows and an increase (30 points).

Now we only have to unite both sides with needle and thread and applying some glue on the bottom of the earth, cactus stick to the pot. To complement this, we can add on top of a cactus flowers woven crochet. And ready to decorate or give away.

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