If you want to know the IUDs that exist to expand your horizons as far as contraceptive methods is concerned, do not miss the differences between them. Both are highly effective and comfortable. However, the main difference lies in the release or not hormones.

We can say that the effectiveness IUD as contraceptive It is 98%. It is a small device T-shaped which lasts from one to five years. If you do not know there was more than one type, look!

  1. DIU or intrauterine device: It consists of a synthetic material, plastic, and a copper wire that covers it. Thus the passage of avoiding sperm to him uterus and the grip is avoided Ovum if he had achieved fertilization. Its length can reach up to five years.
  2. Hormonal IUDs or Mirena IUDThis type of IUD has the same form as above. It differs from him that is slowly releasing hormones, thus influencing the menstrual cycle. The side effects are minimal, but increase compared with normal IUD because these hormones. Its duration is one year.

Both are very simple to install and do not notice that you take when you have placed it. He doctor He will summon you to insert it during the days of the menstruation, because it is easier to be more open neck of the uterus.

So if you do not know what decantarte, it is best to consult your gynecologist. He, given your record and your physiological characteristics, will tell the right one for you. Yes, you should know that both types of IUDs are recommended only for women who have already been mothers previously.

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