Laura, the winner of GH 12 and Marcelo have broken [PHOTOS]

Laura, the winner of GH 12 and Marcelo have broken. We all witnessed the beginning of his love in reality Great Germano 12. A stormy relationship roundly criticized during his stay in the house because of its continued strong arguments but once completed the TV. Laura and Marcelo then began a life together in Malaga where he seemed happier every day together. However, after ten months engagement, Marcelo has decided to put an end to his love affair with Laura.

Laura Campos, a young resident in Parla with groom, wedding plans house and entered the house Big Brother looking for an experience and, of course, win the prize. However, staying at the house of Guadalix de la Sierra brought more than a change ... the young man could not hide their feelings for one of his companions, Marcelo Ciriaco and finally, to the dismay of his family, he decided to end his relationship with television 'Samu', her boyfriend of all life, and enjoy your love Marcelo within the reality.

As reported exclusively collaborator 'Save me', Kiko Hernández has been 'The Malaguita' who has taken the decision to break with Laura, who 'is shattered in Parla' trying to overcome breaking off. Marcelo has confirmed the news via his blog with these words that we believe will not be any consolation to the winner of GH12:

'To you ... Thanks for all the unique moments that you have kept me alive and thank you for loving me that way that neither I dreamed it could be. Thank you for teaching me, to learn, to laugh, to mourn, to live, to dream ... for everything. I love you and keep every moment in my heart. '

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