Looks to go to dinner company: Style Tips

    When Christmas approaches arrive dinners. These meetings can be a success or a failure, but you must always go great. You can not dress in any way, you must choose adequate and consistent look to the occasion. Opt for clothes that reflect your style and with whom you feel comfortable. In many cases the error committed dressing &# 8220; too&8221; or an improper style, avoid the outfit with which you see &8220; disguised&# 8221 ;. Opt for the naturalness and look for a trend. Then we propose some style tips and looks for Christmas dinners.

    1. An elegant look

    First, you must choose a look that goes with your style and celebration. For a company dinner always go elegant. Flee necklines and miniskirts. Bet for long midi dress with a rich fabric like silk and with a cheerful print. Adds sophisticated accessories and high boots, and you have the ideal look.

    2. A bright outfit

    Glitters are overall trend this Christmas 2016. But you must be very careful with them. Garments with many sequins or glitter are not the best for a company dinner. It is better to opt for clothes in dark or matte metallic fabrics. For example, a pleated midi skirt in gray with a slight sheen and conjoined with soft knit jersey in black color.

    3. A pantsuit

    For your Christmas dinner Do not dress in the same clothes you wear to go to work. For example, if you're in a suit to the office, for dinner bet on a slightly different dress and suit. An ideal choice would be a suit tailor velvet, with classic blazer and straight pants in navy blue. He finishes off the look with a cream-colored shirt and a burgundy lounges or some stilettos.

    4. The coat does look

    If you want to take a very comfortable and modern look to your Christmas dinner, opt for black jeans with some detail of precious stones, a white shirt with tucks maxi coat and hair color. Even if you take a simple look, adding a striking furry coat you end up getting a bold and chic styling. He topped with a flat dancers (to dance the night).

    5. elegant Transparencies

    Transparencies can be very vulgar, but are not prohibited, they are in fact trend. The key to properly carry transparencies is to choose clothes which lead elegantly incorporated. For example, in a short yoke and sleeves with tulle transparent plumeti in khaki dress. Never turn to your company dinner with some transparent underwear showing.

    6. The black is always a success

    The black color is always a wise move when you do not know what to wear. But you want to wear the typical black dress to dinner company, bet on a monkey party culotte style in black with cross design, neck and button detail on the back. With a total look black go wrong, because It is a timeless classic.

    7. Dinner informal enterprise

    If your company dinner is casual not go super neat, desentonarías with the rest and would not be right. For this type of casual dinners we suggest you bet by high waist jeans a pastel pink velvet body detail Wheel and metallized lounges. Adds an elegant blazer in black to finish the styling.

    8. gala dinner company

    There are companies that organize every Christmas a gala dinner. For such dinners It is usually required to go in evening dress. In this case, it is best to luzcas a maxi dress. We propose a model long sleeves with side slits and performed in different textures with some glitter and red. Supplements should be discrete.

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