Pregnancy: What to eat for breakfast to prevent nausea

It's one of the Common symptoms and possibly most annoying pregnancy. Take care diet during this stage is critical, therefore a health issue as to avoid problems like this. What to eat for breakfast to avoid nausea? Let's see more closely.

Like the woman's body has to adapt to the many changes associated with pregnancy, you also have to adapt the style feeding, taking care even further. Diet is, in fact, one of the fundamental premises of care during pregnancy. Not to skip meals, and make 5 a day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snack and dinner). We will stop at the breakfast, one of the main meals. Breakfast not only provides the necessary energy to start the day right, but also, during pregnancy, may be the best ally to prevent one of the most bothersome symptoms, morning sickness.

What to eat for breakfast? It is important to start the day with a dose of simple sugars, which are in the milk, the honey and the fruit. Fast assimilated sugars. It is also advisable to take bread, yoghurt Y muesli, a good dose of energy. Food plays an essential role, as well as drinks. During pregnancy it is necessary to increase water intake to 2 liters a day. Water and fruit juices are best.

It is normal if the awakening is accompanied with troublesome nocturnal reduce nausea appetite. However, this should not be an excuse for skipping breakfast. Simply, we must go for about certain foods also help the mother feel better and relieve nausea. First, it is advisable to include breakfast dry food, as toasts, bread or crackers, and better to opt for salty foods and less for sweets. A perfect breakfast for pregnant woman should include toast, fresh cheese flavored with olive oil and a piece of fruit. Regarding fruit is best to choose those that are less acidic, such as pears and bananas.

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