Hair color according to skin tone and eyes: How do I choose it?

Hair color according to skin tone and eyes: How do I choose it? Your hair is one of the traits of your personality. Sometimes bet for a style that is not particularly good, however, we get carried away by fashion. To make your beauty look is always fabulous, we present some tips that will help you know how to choose the color of your hair according to the tone of your skin and your eyes.

Brunettes, blondes, redheads ... What color hair lights? Whatever, do you think that really fits your style? Maybe you love to keep up with color trends of the season, but do not know if that dye will do you good or not. To leave doubts and, above all, for matching your beauty look, we have prepared some recommendations for you know how to choose the color of your hair according to your skin tone and color of your eyes. Take note!

Are you the jarring note of your group of friends for your extreme paleness? If so you present a very flattering beauty trick to projections by your sophistication. for those women face pale or fair skin it is advisable that you use a palette of cool colors with hazelnut tones, brown and black or warm tones such as copper, mahogany, violet red and blond media. It is not recommended as pale platinum blonde face even more, nor bluish black.

Pink hair color for light skin

The blanca rosada skin it's a little warmer than pale skin, so the light blond, ash and platinos They will look fantastic on your face if your skin is this color. light brown or means and hazelnuts, which will be very natural in your face are also recommended. It is recommended to avoid the clear, coppery red and pink as it will enhance the color of your skin pink in the extreme.

Hair color for yellow light skin

The ash blond whether media or dark, the general brown and dark red with violet tints or shades will be your perfect colors. On the contrary, we recommend avoiding clear reddish tones, platinum blond, very yellow, golden light blond, dark brown or black, as it will enhance the yellowing of your face.

2. Hair color if you have dark skin

Dark skin also differ in different colors, usually between skins light tan, with colder and pale shades such as aceitunadas skin, and dark brown, with a shade warmer skin with reddish dark brown tones and .

Hair color for light brown skin

If your skin is brunette and has that cold spot olive or yellowish color, you will remain well brown, dark blond, mahogany, dark red candy and soft. We recommend forget the fantasy red, light red and platinum blond, though if you can use these colors encnatan reflexes not too full.

Hair color for brown skin dark

If you are within the range of skins warm brown, your hair colors are dark colors like coffee, chocolate, black, mahogany or coppery, but also they go well you some clear, as rsoft eyes, hazelnuts or Californian wicks finished caramel or golden highlights. The colors to avoid are full platinum blond.

3. Hair color depending on the color of eyes

After seeing what hair colors go well with your skin tone, it's time to choose the final color depending on your tone eyes.

Hair color: light and dark eyes and fair skin

If you have the clear blue eyes and pale skin, will be any color you noted earlier, considering that the cool tones will give a more dramatic look, while the warm tones dulcificarán your face. If you complexion is white and yours dark eyes You can highlight your reflexes color depending on the hair color you choose. Can choose a shade of brown hair close to mahogany. We recommend avoiding platinums and bluish black as these get tougher features of your face.

For the Pink light skin, the range of ash and platinum blondes are recommended if your eyes are clear and light brown and hazelnuts in case your eyes are honey or dark brown.

In the case of Yellow light skin, both light and dark eyes colors will remain well above we recommend, even if you have clear eyes, blond and brown still look amazing.

Hair color: light and dark eyes and dark skin

If your complexion is light brown, colors that highlight your eyes above recommend either If you have light and dark eyes. Remember that the lighter tone of the hair (or fuses, ombré or reflections), more sweeten your face and eyes. If your eyes are clear and want to empower them extremely dramatically, choose one of the darker shades of hair within the range previously recommended for your skin tone.

If your skin is dark brown, bone with a warmer finish, you should know that if your eyes are very dark, is you'll probably go for darker shades of hair within the range of black, hazelnut and even red, because the light blond tend not to be very good. If on the contrary your eyes are clear, You can decantarte wicks or ombré honey or caramel color.

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