Oral pleasure with the rule: Benefits of orgasm during menstruation

There are many taboos about sex during menstruation, but fortunately seems to be mitigated, because every day is understood much better than Menstruation is natural for women and that we must not be frightened by a little blood. It's more, oral sex is possible for the rule, one of the most sexual practices that give women pleasure.

Actually there are many benefits to having orgasms during menstruation, such as reducing pain or the number of total days of discharge because uterine contractions generated by orgasm help the menstrual flow down faster and better. In addition to penetration, during the rule we can also have fun with preliminary and sexual games, as we would in the remaining days of the cycle. Even oral sex is a good option to generate orgasms during menstruation.

All these social stigmas They may suggest oral sex during menstruation is out of place, but fortunately we are in the century of the destruction of taboos and Women have much more knowledge about our bodies, like men.

Actually, the natural blood is a component of nothing dirty body. It is a mixture of healthy blood and tissues lining the uterus, arising to prepare the body for possible pregnancy. There is no reason to think it's dirty or damage the penis or the body of man or woman who is in touch with her.

Neither the idea of ​​a bleeding sex or oral sex while menstruating is practiced is very realistic. A healthy woman loses an overall average 30 to 40 milliliters of blood in 7 days. Unless the woman has a gynecological problem you should consult a specialist, it is very likely that blood appears only during intercourse.

Moreover, there are two factors that may convince you to practice or you practice oral sex or sex during menstruation: Biologically most women are much more excited during his period mentrual Y menstrual blood is an excellent lubricant which can make sexual experience much more satisfying.

There is also no obligation to have sex during menstruation, but if you ever want to try, talk to your boy or girl and propónselo. Maybe even your partner will suck, but you yourself restrictions which have oral sex with menstruation. You dare?

Tips for oral sex during menstruation

Of course, we offer some tips that can help you the experience of oral sex during menstruation it is much more pleasant. Take note!

  1. Speak first with your partner. It is essential that you speak of this and that you respect their decision if they do not feel prepared.
  2. Show him how it is when you menstruate. In the case of heterosexual relationships, many men have not even ever seen a woman menstruating. Perhaps they imagine rivers of blood running down your legs and if you show it, perhaps he realizes that it is not so.
  3. you can even try and let me smell, For an idea of ​​how it could be make oral sex and can decide whether or not to do so is made. You can also do the same, to help you take your shame and your own strengths.
  4. Allow yourself the ability to turn you with blood: many people are excited more when menstrual blood through. Why not?
  5. If you're worried about tarnishing the bed, Put a towel or bed covers before oral sex. That does not prevent both enjoy.
  6. You can using a silk or cotton medium. If the problem is not the taste or arrive to comfortable See yourselves with the blood, you can play around with a handkerchief in the middle when doing oral sex to discover new sensations. The technique is a little more difficult, but grace is to practice and find out what you like.
  7. Do not show disgust. It is preferable to stop before putting in disgust, because that can make the other person feel embarrassed and lower libido.
  8. Have oral sex in the shower when you have your period. For many people it is an option that they feel more comfortable.
  9. Also a very valid option is the menstrual Flex disc designed to have sex while you have menstruation, so that does not allow the blood to drop.

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