Mare’s milk: What is?

In our country it is considered a new product, but the truth is that the mare's milk It is known for its food properties and used since antiquity (as an example, the Mongolian peoples of the Russian Steppe or nomadic Sahara). The story also tells us that Nefertiti, Cleopatra Empress Sisi bath or mare's milk and donkey were given. Today, mare's milk is still a common diet food in countries like Austria, Germany or Russia.


Mare's milk contains immunoglobulin A, ingredient that helps reinforce the immune system. It is also an especially rich food Omega 3 and 6 and in vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K), minerals (Iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium), proteins, carbohydrates Y essential amino acids (Tryptophan, cysteine). Properties that make this milk an ideal diet for healthy people and those with health problems food. In addition, mare's milk has less fat, which provides fewer calories than other types of milk as cow's milk.


A mare's milk are attributed many benefits. Thus, among the most prominent, it turns out to be an ideal place to prevent certain health food. favors bowel cleansing, in cases of gases or digestive problems, and helps regenerate intestinal flora. Le mare's milk relieves symptoms of Crohn's disease or pathologies with intestinal inflammation. It is also recommended in case of metabolic disorders and to strengthen the defenses (chemotherapy, for example), and to prevent impurities and other skin problems (Acne, premature aging, psoriasis, eczema&# 8230;).

But there are more benefits behind a glass of mare's milk. Thus, experts confirm that it is also advisable in cases of fatigue, nervous disorders caused by stress and as an extra energy for athletes. It also helps control levels cholesterol.

Mare's milk also has other features. And it is that this is a food whose production is limited because it can only be milked mares during lactation (around five months a year and between 1.5 and 2 liters per day). Mare's milk is marketed lyophilized, a drying process (low temperature for conversion into milk powder) safeguarding its properties and allows preservation for over a year.

Logically, the best way to take advantage of the properties of mare's milk is including it in a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

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