Amparo Valle actress dies, the mother of Coque Malla

Insurance sounds you face because it was always a secondary luxury. Amparo Valle, known for its passage Guard Pharmacy, Seven Lives, the Commissioner and The looming, has died at the 79 years. But there was also a fact that so far unaware, is the Coque Malla singer's mother. DEP and thank you for moments of laughter that gave us all this time.

Long that we did not give news of death of actress, the last was with Emma Cohen. But unfortunately today we return to give it. His face was usual television series like Pharmacy of guard, Seven lives, Central Hospital, the commissioner and more recently in The looming, where he lives Justi, Amador great mother. Amparo Valle He has died at age 79, as confirmed by the Film Academy.

But his career was not only on television, also in movies with titles like Pim, pam, pum !, fire of Pedro Olea; Las Truchas, José Luis García Sánchez; Extramural, of Miguel Picazo; Wait for me in the sky, Antonio Mercero; The flight of pigeons, García Sánchez; Get off the Moor, of Fernando Colomo; Everything is a lie, ÁAlvaro Fernandez Armero; Flowers of another world, Iciar Bollain; or under the stars, Félix Viscarret, among others.

Rest in peace, a secondary luxury, it will be a shame not to see in the new season looming, that is about to arrive. One of the most unforgettable moments Justi in Montepinar It is when you decide to chemically castrate Amador with Izaskun to stop being obsessed with sex. You remember?

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