DIY Ideas: Country Curtains step [PHOTOS]

Country Curtains: How to make curtains step. Would you like to renovate your home? Then, we explain step by step how to make your own curtains rustic for your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The curtains are an essential part of any home, whatever your style. There are many models, but certainly the rustic style is ideal for a warm climate. In fact, country style curtains, thanks to its simplicity and sophistication, are capable of recreating a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere par. If you want to discover how to make curtains country do not miss the following recommendations.

materials: Sewing machine, thread, tape and fabric.

Measure your window. Then doubles the width to find the fabric you'll need. Now it's time to buy fabric curtains country style.

Then cut the curtains and your skirt. If your fabric is not long enough for a long piece of skirt, sew two equal parts joined by the center. Note that once you hang the curtains, you should see the seam due to gather and flight.

Then it is time to fold the edges of the curtain panels into the fabric at least 0.5 centimeters. Make a seam around the panel. This will allow you to keep the fabric without fraying. On the edge where the hem will place, turn the fabric again about 2.5 centimeters.

Then turn the top panel of the curtain towards the inner side of the fabric about 6 centimeters and secure it with some pins. This is the area through which the curtain rod will slide. Make a seam on the right side of the fabric. Repeat this process on the other panel.

Have you taken note of these instructions? Once you know how to make curtains for your living room or your bedroom, Cheer up with this fun activity DIY.

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