Crafts on the fall for elementary school children: Creative Ideas

The Crafts They are one of the most fun tasks and practices to promote their creativity. You just need to choose a theme and the materials. In this case, the chosen theme is autumn, using to implement own ideas of this material station, from branches and leaves of trees recently fallen chestnuts. Let's see, then some easy and original ideas, designed for elementary school children. And we invite you to take a look at the gallery in which we have selected many creative ideas to make.

Crafts with leaves

The leaves of the trees are undoubtedly undisputed protagonists of the natural landscape of autumn with changing hues that perfectly for child tasks. The leaves can be made directly on the drawings sticking sheet of paper or paperboard. With the leaves we can do original collages nuances. Leaves, preferably of different colors, shapes and textures, and cardboard rolled into a cylinder, we can create characters and animals which we will complete with details drawn with markers.

Cards with leaves

For the card we can use a card or a white or colored sheet. Fold to make it as greeting card and glue the leaves we have chosen. We can also complete the drawing with markers or colored paints. The theme, do not forget, autumn.

To create an original drawing, draw the outlines on paper and, with the help of glue, let's fill in the blanks with tissue paper balls in the chosen color. This way, you can take the color and shape of a bunch of grapes or a tree, a forest or a delicious brown.

With crepe paper and cardboard we can cut and make original shapes to create create garlands and wreaths with the autumn theme. We can also add to pineapples crafts or chestnuts, dried leaves or branches. An example of autumn wreath DIY: draw on colored construction paper leaves, for example. We cut and let combining and connecting on a tape. We can do a combination of different materials and textures, such as leaves and other cardboard truth.

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