Refreshments plates bracelets: Learn to make them step by step [PHOTOS]

Refreshments plates bracelets: Learn to make them step by step. Recycling, savings and fashion together in a complement. What more could you want? Bracelets rings made from soda cans have earned a special place among our accessories this season. Thanks to them the latest information is no longer quarreled with pocket and not even need to leave home to get one of these bracelets so well fit into any casual look. Making them is easy. Follow these simple steps.

The materials need are about 20 or 25 rings (varies according to the desired size) of those found in the top of the cans of any soft drink, satin bow (one meter in length) and just over a quarter of an hour.

  1. Fold loop in half and put each end by one of the holes of the ring of the can. We must do from top to bottom and it is important not to throw until the end of the ends to tie the bracelet once it is finished.
  2. Get another ring and place it behind which we had and moved halfway. We introduce the ends of the loop, this time from the bottom upwards, through the holes formed between the two.
  3. The following ring placed above the second, and attached to the first pass, from top to bottom, the noose through holes are formed.
  4. We repeat the process with the rest of the rings until you have the desired length.

You have made your bracelet!

If you want to give your bracelet an air more sophisticated You can combine it with other techniques like crochet or use simple tricks like adding a button on one or both ends, using a patterned tie or use, instead of one, two loops of different color. You can also choose to replace the loop by leather straps and close the bracelet with metal hooks and not with a knot.

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