Basics of crochet with trapillo [PHOTOS]

How to weave trapillo: Basics. Still not know the technique trapillo? This is a variation of crochet, then we present. Here we explain how to weave some of the simplest designs. Take note of the following patterns, free of trapillo!

The trapillo is another variant crochet. Would you like to get started in this technique? Then, we explain step by step how to create simple crafts with the following patterns trapillo. Take good note!

Making bags trapillo

For this simple crocheting we present you need the following materials: Trapillo one various colors, those that you like; crochet needle and bag handles.

Once you have completed the base of your bag, you must go rounding to start raising the height of your bag. To do this, you only need to continue weaving wale around and go up in your bag until the desired size. At the base you can use a single color or use, if you prefer, different shades. Once you've completed the bag is the turn to post the handles. They can buy them or, if you prefer, trapillo them equally.

To finish the bag can, if you wish, add some decorative detail.

If you enjoyed this trapillo work, then we offer another activity that will allow you to continue practicing the technique of trapillo. Take good note!

Making carpets of various colors trapillo

First, knitting starts with a magic circle and a high point on each point. Then change the color and weaving continues. We turn now to the first row in which you knit two high points in each stitch, and then changes color. Then, the turn of the second row. Here you have to weave two high points in each point of the round you have previously tissue, every two points, change thread color. We turn now to the third row. It weaves two high points at each point in the previous round, changing color every three points. Reached thus, the final stage of creating this original and colorful carpet trapillo. In the fourth row, knit two high points at each point in the previous round, four points and so you must continue on until the end, changing the color of the thread in each round. Finally, it increased two points in five points, six, etc.

Now that you know some basic crochet crafts trapillo then develop other's how to work such as, for example, these baskets trapillo or trapillo these other bags.

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