Alternative songs ceremony wedding march

You carry penándolo and discussing time. The only thing you know is that ye will not come to the altar with the typical ceremonial wedding march song, You want something different, that represents your love and who you are. That is, you seek a alternative to the wedding march song.

Depends on type of wedding, if it is more classic and traditional or more modern and uninhibited, will be able to choose one or another type of music. But the first thing you have to keep in mind is that there two moments that put the music: when comes the bride, at which point you should hear a unique and amazing song, and when the couple go out together the enclosure, which is commonly used recreational music, more optimistic than the processional.

If you are looking for something modern without sacrificing the classic sounds, You can choose this romantic instrumental version of the song by Christina Perri. We love this piano and cello, which pervade the atmosphere of the wedding march in a classic and modern mix, as your essence.

4. Glasgow Love Theme &# 8211; Love Actually (film)

Walk down the aisle with the soundtrack of your favorite romantic movie, It is another way to incorporate instrumental music with a personal touch to the ceremony. In addition, you can give your guests more details on the symbols of your union. There are many to choose from, we'll leave the instrumental version of Glasgow Love Theme Love Actually, because I just love it.

5. Marry Me &# 8211; Train

If you want a modern song for the moment output church or hall where ye caséis, we suggest Marry Me by Train, has a beautiful melody and lyrics, very romantic, with right pace to exit the enclosure where ye caséis or church.

6. Over The Rainbow &# 8211; Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

A different option, the ukelele only version of the mythical Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Surely everyone makes them smile!

7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Stevie Wonder

It has become one of the alternatives to the most popular wedding march And no wonder! The song title says it all: &# 8220, signed, sealed, delivered &# 8211; I'm yours!&8221;

8. Now That We Found Love &# 8211; Heavy D & The Boyz

For the most fun couples, we suggest this song that was used for the wedding of Will Smith and Eva Mendes in last scene of Hitch. Being lighter, it is more suitable for the bride and groom exit or arrival at the banquet. You dare to appear together with your best dance moves?

9. my friend &# 8211; Alejandro Sanz

Perhaps music with lyrics is not what you want, but Imagine a instrumental version of one of the most romantic songs of Spanish pop. They were all tears fall when I saw you walking down the aisle.

10. Only you &# 8211; Pablo Alboran

You can Choose your favorite romantic song and let it be heard in the wedding march why not? The important thing is that you become happy on your wedding day.

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