Middle hair trends hair cuts 2014 [PHOTOS]

Haircuts in this 2014 trend for bob. If you would like to join the bob style, discover all possibilities you have to raze the trends this season.

There comes a time in the life of any woman who wears long hair, which needs look change whether for whatever reason, and easier and faster to transform your cut and style hair a much fresher and modern.

This decision it is certainly difficult If you're used to and you favors long hair, and probably you do not want to take chances with one of the cuts most extreme of the season short hair, but do not despair as there is also a style for you, and it is none other than the bob, with which you can choose thousand and one of the most flattering styles.

  • One of the strongest trends of this 2014 is the layered bob both in smooth and curly or wavy, and length you feel like, from the height of the shoulders to the bob by the ear or asymmetric from back to front, or even shorter than the other, one of the trends that celebs have worn side as Marion Cotillard.
  • The bang as in most cases, is largely responsible for this drastic change, so if you do not take the fashion preorder long straight bangs as they did beauties of carving Emma Stone, Alex Chung or Olivia Wilde, or lopsided style Keyra Knightley, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson.
  • If you'd rather give your new haircut one romantic style test with tighter curls like those of Eva Longoria, but you can also give it a retro touch wave style Adele; If you are instead much more modern commitment to comb the moment, tousled with natural wave effect.
  • Another option to bring you a special touch to our new look bob are both normal wicks as California style Olivia Palermo, to clarify more tips, but if you need something more radical commitment other shades like redheaded If you want natural, or pastel pink, the most fashionable color this season.

You know some of the best options to change your style without having to cut your hair to the maximum, so do not cut and dare with these new trends, certainly it is much more flattering than you imagine.

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