Trends Fall / Winter 2016: Denim and black [PHOTOS]

Trends Fall / Winter 2016: Denim and black color. . Garments in black denim textures and color are the queens of our closet. A pair of jeans and a denim jacket are friends of all kinds of adjustable looks at all kinds of stations. If you add them they pledge in black, the result is spectacular.

The denim texture has gained prominence on catwalks and vibrant street style. And from her today I do not want you to stay up to date, we show the infinite combinations that can not pass betting on these two elements.

The denim jeans They are certainly a key piece of the daily routine. Combined with black shirts is a safe bet for the day. But if you want to add a touch of sensuality opt for ripped jeans and worn effect and mix them with crop top in black. Kendall Jenner has already worn this type of outfit.

If you want to play in reverse then choose a black skinnies and add a denim jacket. A white shirt give a casual and relaxed to your outfit effect. In addition, denim jackets have become a timeless garment. Many fashion brands have opted for this element developed designs denim jackets with patches, boyfriend effect and sheep, among others. Every detail adds in this kind of material.

You will be mesmerized by the infinite number of possible combinations and attractive to bet on. All this adds they are garments that everyone has, so you do not have to break his pocket. Go to last it can be very easy if you choose clothes and black denim. From here we show you the best looks.

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