Carnival costumes with garbage bags: Do you dare? [PHOTOS]

Carnival: Costumes with garbage bags. Every time triumph over the carnival costumes Homemade. Can be recycled materials have already used or take advantage of things we usually use and turn them into a nice suit to wear at parties typical carnival costumes. We can cause furor in a costume made so cheap and so easy to get as a garbage bag thing. Contrary to what it may seem, the possibilities are endless. How to change the appearance of this article we use daily to turn it into a costume? Here are some ideas.

With a garbage bag, scissors, glue or heat cardboard or paper and can get a very original costume.

  • Animals: With traditional black bag can become a penguin if the bag you add an oval white cardboard in the part of the belly and hit some oranges legs at the edge of the bag. Hitting yellow cardboard or paper lists and wings, you can be a wasp. Use red bags, for example, be a ladybug. They are ideal as costumes for babies.
  • There are colored garbage bags. With yellow you can make a fun costume sponge Bob. Beam lines and pants suit with black permanent marker or duct tape. Also, you can hit a yellow balloon as a nose.
  • White trash bags can become the coveralls, which will serve to disguise all those professions that use this garment. Draw buttons and stethoscope if you want to be a doctor, colors paint it if you want to go painter...
  • Any stock of a bright color and strong you encounter serves to make a friendly clown costume. Add to it the necessary accessories: wig, ornaments suit, bow tie, big shoes and, of course, red nose.
  • Also with garbage bags and a little imagination you can make costumes Indians, cowboys, scarecrows...

Dare to make some of these costumes. As is the case with the newspaper, there are few materials as cheap and offer better results than the garbage bags.

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