Denim miniskirt turns 7 looks to combine

    Denim miniskirt turns 7 looks to combine. Miniskirts cowgirls have become a very versatile garment for summer 2016. It girls and fashion bloggers are lovers of this type of skirts, because they can be combined in many ways. Believe it or not there are various kinds of denim miniskirts ideal to wear this summer. We tell you how to use and combine denim skirts without commenting errors.

    1. Button denim Minifalda

    One of the most fashionable miniskirts season is a model slightly flared denim and buttons on the front. These cowgirls miniskirts have one very cool air 70s and flattering. They can be combined in many ways, for example, with a very light white blouse with bare shoulders, and Roman sandals. Another option is conjuntara with a retro flower shirt style and color biker. You dare?

    2. miniskirt with flight

    If you want to look a miniskirt more lady bet on a flight model with denim. You can combine several parts above: with a white sleeveless top neck with metal and salons heel or with a collared white baby and a bomber with floral pattern and a thin and light fabric.

    3. Miniskirt with broken

    Cowgirls miniskirts with broken They are all a must have. In this case, you should have a look minimalist. Betting on a denim skirt with not very flashy broken and combined with a smooth cotton shirt in basic color or with a male shirt. Add more flashy accessories to color styling.

    4. Miniskirt dark denim

    Dark denim miniskirts They are perfect to combine with tops both dark and clear. If you want to get a more casual look opt for a shirt in black and pumps. If you prefer more leisure styling combines with a mini white striped jersey with navy or black sandals and Bio

    5. Total look denim

    Undoubtedly the denim fabric is overall trend this summer 2016. With a total denim look you will succeed. Choose a denim miniskirt on a particular tone denim and paired with a denim shirt in a very similar tone. You can even add accessories such as shoes, bags, hats&# 8230; on denim.

    6. jacketed printed denim Minifalda

    To give some color to your look with denim miniskirt, choose to combine it with a shirt with printed stripes, flowers, tropical&# 8230; in colors. To top styling adds a bag or sandals in a color that bring stamping your shirt.

    white denim miniskirt

    Cowgirls skirts in white denim They are ideal for a fresh and summery look. It combines with a white mini crop white top (for a total look) or a striped top. Another option is conjuntarla with a blouse with Bardot neckline, very fashionable this season.

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