Cristina Pedroche, the protagonist of the 2015 Campanadas [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

The bell gave cristina Pedroche. The presenter zapping has become the most commented on social networks and in the bar after presenting the bells in laSexta, with Franck White, a transparent dress that showed off well clear all your underwear. The gamble paid off because the chain has achieved its best figure in history. The vallecana, true to form, has responded to the comments with a "Ayy, which I have tied up chick". Well bundled Cristina.

When the couple decided LaSexta Franck Blanco and cristina Pedroche sabçía not sure that their chimes would be so high-profile. And not because they were higher, but because they have been clearer than ever. Especially thanks the trasparencias the hostess wore in his suit. The truth is that left nothing to the imagination. She looked around. Something that caught the attention of all the spectators, who were as changing channels to see what was in other chains, kept the Pedroche.

The de Vallecas chose a dress very daring and seductive Charo Ruiz where imagination did not exist, only transparencies and openings between lace, chiffon and cleavage, to the delight of all spectators. And the Users of social networks, as their photos and their parodies circulated by mobile first time since 2015.

fantastic night for Anne and ramonchu

In the rest of the chains were no surprises. The 1 Spanish TV, with Anne Igartiburu and the return of Ramón García, again the chain with the largest audience in New Year's Eve bells. In total, 6.531 million viewers (45.6%) followed the exact minute (00: 00h) of the Chimes compared to 6,095,000 (42.7%) in 2013. The second option was Telecinco and his Chiringuito Pepe with nearly two million viewers (1,957,000), which resulted in an average share of 13.6%. While antenna 3 He fell to fourth place, their worst record, with Carlos Sobera and no low-cut Anna Simon.

If you did not have the chance to see the trasparencias of Pedroche you can do andn the gallery or on video. Images that are already part of the history of Nocheviejas in Spain.

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