How to combine midi skirts: Styles and flattering trends [PHOTOS]

The midi skirts are the big bet for spring / summer 2014 season. The midi skirts are skirts with special characteristics: they are always below the knee, ie, mid-calf. We tell you how to combine midi skirts and trends and styles that suit you.

Now we have discussed in previous articles on the midi skirts, such as leather, but there are many more styles and forms that we can choose. They can wear skirts that looks for day or more to fix. The key is knowing how to combine fine garments and styles that are trending with midi skirts.

We have two styles for everyday midi skirt: skirt midi midi pencil skirt with flying. The midi pencil skirts and tube style are perfect for going to the office if combined with a blouse and a blazer. A winning styling is black pencil skirt with white blouse and black blazer. Add-ons color and you have a look 10. Here are the best shoes you are ballerinas or high heels. The midi skirts flying lady's style can wear a short-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt for a touch sport. Always if the skirt is patterned top should be smooth and if the skirt is smooth can add a blouse printed. You can also dare a mix of prints: polka dots + flowers. With footwear you can play a lot: from shoes Blucher style medium heel and even sneakers.

midi skirts

The midi skirts flightless are also ideal for everyday looks. They are skirts that do not have much flight and usually with tables or pleated. Combined with short-sleeved shirts in some detail lace blouses or romantic style. The pleated midi skirts in black tops look great with holiday same color, as they bring a touch more to fix. The can take a short tweed jacket without forgetting summer shoes high or medium heel. If you like the retro style, opt for a midi skirt with a vintage print and a blouse with a bow and you get a current styling details from another era.

Midi skirts with flight

The flight midi skirts are the most beautiful and famous. They are skirts with waistband and great flight halfway up the leg. They inspired by the New Look created by Dior in the 50s midi skirts with flight can be worn on all occasions, but always remain party looks better or more dressy. For a party takes the midi skirt with sequined top, transparencies or lace. For cocktail parties or weddings best bet for a silk blouse or gauze. You can also take them with crop tops, they are a valid option and very fashionable. Add a belt to enhance the waist and a good heel essential because the midi skirts tend to shorten the figure but are very high,

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